Welcome to the computer that never sleeps.  It keeps your email, contacts and calendar, files and information safe.  It also has all the programs you need to use and is just the way you left it! Now you have a virus free, spy ware free, always good running computer waiting for you!
Files, email, and programs are always on and ready for you!

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How can your business
use a Virtual Server?

With a virtual server you can share applications so your workers can use them remotely.

An example is a mortgage company.  You use a database program such as Calyx.  You need to share that database with your independent mortgage brokers around the country.  With the Virtual Connection you can give them a login and password to use a computer and your expensive Calyx software without loading it on their desktops or laptops!

The Virtual Connection is a way to have your own server available in cyberspace without the headaches of having to build and license one!

Call us today to rent desktop space for as little as $20 per month!

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